Published on June 18, 2018 | Updated on November 22, 2019

ELAN-ERC scheme

Campaign closed

Through the ELAN-ERC scheme, the Université de Lyon is supporting and accompanying researchers and research professors in preparing their applications for European Research Council (ERC) calls for projects.


To support and accompany researchers and research professors in preparing their applications for individual Starting Grant (STG) and Consolidator Grant (COG) calls for projects led by the European Research Council (ERC).


PTo be eligible for IDEXLYON support, candidates must:
  • Be employed in a qualifying post by a member or associate institution of the Université de Lyon;
  • Submit a high-level scientific application that meets the expectations of the relevant ERC call for projects;
  • Be eligible for and commit to applying to one of the ERC's STG or COG calls for projects within 18 months of receiving the IDEXLYON support (i.e. during the 2020 campaign at the latest). Applicants who have previously applied for ELAN-ERC may re-apply;
  • Commit to taking part in events and work sessions organized by IDEXLYON to support beneficiaries of ELAN-ERC.


The ELAN-ERC scheme is linked to the time frame used for the European Research Council's (ERC) calls for projects. It aims to provide future applicants with financial, scientific and administrative support during the twelve to eighteen month period prior to submitting their application.

N.B. Important dates for the 2019 ERC campaign will be officially announced this summer. As a guide, the 2018 campaign was structured around an application deadline in October 2017 for STG and February 2018 for COG, and these calls for projects are opened each year.

On this basis, applicants who are awarded ELAN-ERC support from now until summer 2018 should aim to submit their applications in October 2019 (STG) or February 2020 (COG). In the early phase of ELAN-ERC, project holders aiming to submit their applications in February 2019 (COG) can also request support for a shorter duration.


Financial support

This support will be paid to the institution employing the applicant within the framework of an agreement. All eligible IDEX expenditure (see ANR financial regulations) is eligible for ELAN-ERC.

Amount of support 

IDEXLYON support may extend to 50,000 euros.

Scientific support and logisticse

  • Semi-annually: organization of meetings with all ELAN-ERC beneficiaries to increase understanding of the ERC and give advice for applications (testimonies from panel members and successful candidates, etc.);
  • Six months before the ERC application deadline: presentation of project progress to an ad-hoc committee to receive suggestions and comments;
  • End of project: help with drafting/translating (if necessary), then training for ERC interviews, in collaboration with the institutions and partner organizations. 


For information on how to apply and all further information, please contact the head of research at your institution directly (Vice-President or Deputy Director). No requests will be handled by the Université de Lyon directly.