Favorable response for the IDEXLYON project

On The December 3, 2019

Following the international jury hearings on November 28, 2019, the IDEXLYON project – 2020 Université de Lyon – received a favorable response.

On Thursday November 28, 2019, the mid-term evaluation of the IDEX (Excellence Initiative) project - 2020 Université de Lyon - was conducted by the international jury chaired by Jean-Marc Rapp. The jury approved the continuation of the project. In light of this, the Prime Minister has decided to respond to the jury's decisions by extending the IDEXLYON probationary period until 2021, which he will continue to fund.

This is an important milestone, which reflects the efforts of our institutions’ communities and partners, who are committed to supporting this ambitious initiative of excellence for our region.

The 2020 Université de Lyon project is known for recognizing the specific academic objectives of each of its eight training and research centers, and for its significant commitment to providing guidance and support for students' professional projects, notably with the creation of the undergraduate university school.

The governance body aims to develop a strong academic strategy which will ensure the institution's international reputation for excellence. The founding institutions' governing bodies are expected to make a decision on the proposed statutes sometime in the near future. They will do so with the support and trust of our partners.