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Outcome of the 2019 call for Impulsion projects

On The November 26, 2018

IDEXLYON launched a call for IMPULSION projects in July of this year in order to strengthen its attractiveness”. Around thirty applicants from this fourth call for projects have been preselected by the Université de Lyon's member institutions. 
The IDEXLYON Academic Group suggested 24 candidates, who were then approved by the COMEX. Each project will receive on average 56,000 euros in funding for a two-year period.
The researchers and research professors who were awarded funding in this fourth call for projects recently arrived at the Lyon Saint-Étienne site, have an international background and have spent time in universities abroad, such as Tohoku University in Japan, the Northwestern University of Chicago in the USA, King’s College London in the UK, the University of Helsinki in Finland and the Università Cattolica di Milano in Italy.

The success of the call for IMPULSION projects is a testament to, and strengthens the attractiveness and excellence of the Lyon Saint-Étienne site, while contributing to developing the IDEXLYON project.

This initiative will be receive 1,3 million euros of funding from IDEXLYON.

Download here the list of 2019 winners

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