Tech 4 Inclusion call for proposals: 8 winning projects

On The January 17, 2019

The selection committee met on Thursday, January 17, 2019 and announced the eight winning projects from the Tech 4 Inclusion call for proposals.

This call for proposals was launched by the PULSALYS SATT and the Université de Lyon through IDEXLYON. It aimed to identify research from laboratories that could be further developed to create innovative products and services to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and marginalized people.

The selection committee, presided by Alain Belli, Vice-President for the Promotion of the Université Jean Monnet, was composed of laboratory representatives, local authorities, organizations and economic players.

They awarded eight projects. Four projects in the pre-maturation stage will receive €150,000 in funding from IDEXLYON, in order to reach the level of technical maturity to begin a maturation program. And four projects in the maturation stage will receive investment funds from PULSALYS and begin a customized development program in order to transfer to an existing company or launch a start-up company.

By supporting these innovative projects, IDEXLYON and PULSALYS are widening the virtuous circle of their complementary actions for local economic development that extends from academic research to the socio-economic world.