Published on May 7, 2019 | Updated on June 26, 2019

International Alliance Brazil: Université de Lyon - University of Sao Paulo joint call 2019

Call for proposals closed

The Université de Lyon and The University of Sao Paulo launch a joint call for research projects to research professors and researchers in order to support the most innovative and ambitious research activities.


  • Boosting international scientific research and related training collaborations;
  • Producing new knowledge aiming at responding to major issues/challenges;
  • Contributing to the international visibility and strengthening cooperation between the two university sites.


Université de Lyon and University of Sao Paulo research professors and researchers.


  • Physical Chemistry;
  • Global Health;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Contemporary Societal Issues (Urban studies, Violence, Smart cities, etc.).


  • Projects will be supported by a limited number of researchers or research professors (investigators);
  • The principal project holder (principal investigator) must be in permanent position in one of the IDEXLYON consortium institutions or in the USP3;
  • The capacity of the project to promote the mobility of researchers, research professors and PhD students;
  • The ability of the project to advance the state of the art in the field of research;
  • The clarity and relevance of the objectives of the research project;
  • The credibility of the proposed scientific approach, the feasibility of the project, the consistency and effectiveness of the work plan. In particular, how the collaboration will complement the research teams must be explained, and especially that of the project holders;
  • National and international positioning;
  • The capacity of the project to mobilize teams from Lyon and Brazil;
  • The capacity to stimulate co-publications.


Internal evaluation commissions (Université de Lyon, Université of Sao Paulo), then joint commission.


► The procedure of the joint call and the application proposal form are available for download on this page ;
► Application deadline: June 20, 2019.