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Socio-economic partnerships

Developing flagship projects with socio-economic stakeholders - IDEXLYON funding: 1,3 million euros/year

Service offering

Objectives: To offer new tools to foster relationships between the socio-economic world and the Université de Lyon. It aims to contribute to the success of the University, its students and its partners, by taking advantage of a strong cooperative momentum.

Target audience: companies, organizations, local authorities and competitiveness clusters.


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Entrepreneurship center/BEELYS

Objectives: To support each student and young graduate in projects from the initial idea to the end product and to help develop entrepreneurial skills by offering various support programs and services for student entrepreneurs.

Target audience: students at the Lyon Saint-Étienne institutions, graduates and young graduates with an idea or project setting up a new business. 

Beelys website

The Innovation Factory

Objectives: To strengthen the Université de Lyon's capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship in order to improve the employability of its students, to promote the skills of teacher researchers, particularly through building links with socio-economic stakeholders, and to take an active role in the region's attractiveness and development.

Target audience: The students and faculty members at the Lyon Saint-Étienne institutions, businesses and authorities, as well as all civil society. 

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Science Shop

Objectives: To build a true social innovation laboratory through scientific interrogation. This initiative will contribute towards a cultural approach to science that goes far beyond institutional approaches of promoting knowledge. It will focus on the following areas:

  • Broadening the spectrum of eligible applications to bring about the emergence of new innovation and research needs for our areas of excellence;
  • Embedding the Science Shop into academic life, notably through the creation of a scientific network for IDEXLYON themes, which could shed light on scientific and societal challenges in training programs;
  • Launching the 'Bachelor's degree to PhD' scheme.

Target audience:

  • Organizations with problems that require scientific insight;
  • Students looking for training programs that explore societal issues;
  • Researchers wishing to draw links between their discipline and civil society.
Science shop' website


Objectives: To develop research and innovation programs in scientific fields that are crucial for the development of technology with strong societal impacts. This action aims to further coordinate the ways in which universities and industries approach key subjects for major IDEXLYON themes.

Are supported: Research programs, the subject matter of which is identified by the Academic Group and socio-economic partners supporting IDEXLYON.