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Supporting student initiatives - IDEXLYON funding: 300,000 euros/year

Supporting student commitment

Objectives: To contribute to campus and city life by supporting, accompanying and encouraging students in their personal, public and community-oriented commitments through a number of initiatives and measures:

  • The Student Initiative Fund;
  • The Associative Fellowship Program;
  • Highlights;
  • Civic Service;
  • The student commitment platform;

Target audience: Students from the Lyon and Saint-Étienne sites who would like to become more involved in the region’s activities and help organize the Université de Lyon COMUE student life

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Bringing together the student community and strengthening the inter-university service offer

Objectives: To enable the university community to take part in local cultural and artistic events, to achieve a high standard of competitive university sports and to enhance the services offered to students in order to improve their daily living conditions.

Target audience: Students and the university community from the Lyon and Saint-Étienne sites

Cultural programming
The UdL AS web site
Live well on our campuses

Facilitating student integration

Objectives:to welcome all students and help them with their administrative procedures by providing them with all the services they need to successfully settle in on campus, all in one place, at the at the start of the academic year.

To also improve the students’ local integration by:

  • organizing festive, cultural or informative events;
  • promoting the various multi-themed events that are held in the area during the back-to-school period which encourage people to meet and get to know one another.
Target audience: students and the university community from the Lyon and Saint-Étienne sites

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