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Developing attractive and innovative training opportunities - IDEXLYON funding: 2 million euros/year

IDEXLYON certified Master's programs

Important dates: The call for certification was launched in September 2017

Objective: To identify and support the creation of quality Master's programs, enhancing the Université de Lyon's international profile.

Are supported: Accredited Master's diplomas and courses of Université de Lyon with strong international appeal and in connection with the IDEXLYON themes. 

20 IDEXLYON certified Master's programs

Host scholarships for IDEXLYON certified Master's programs

Support for PhD graduates and the promotion of PhDs

Objectives: To promote and improve the quality and reputation of PhD diplomas from the Université de Lyon. To monitor and enhance the employability of trained PhD students by supporting them to enter well-considered employment in line with the skills gained during their university careers.

Are supported: Multidisciplinary training programs, initiatives and opportunities to meet socio-economic partners and support for PhD mobility.

For further information about Doctoral training programs

For further information about International mobility for doctoral students

Center for teaching innovation

Important dates: To be launched at the beginning of 2018

Objectives: To create a center for resources and sharing in connection with the multidisciplinary challenges of teaching innovation, in the field of digital learning and in training programs connected to the IDEXLYON strategic areas.

Target audience: Faculty members from Lyon Saint-Étienne involved in innovative training programs.

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