Calls for proposals

Call for projects for the 2020 Science Shop program

On The June 7, 2020

The Science Shop team is continuing its efforts during lockdown.

Do you belong to an organization, a neighborhood council or another group of citizens? Do you have a particular social issue or do you work in the social and solidarity-based economy? Are you facing questions or issues that require specialized knowledge or insight from an urban planner, a sociologist or a lawyer? Submit your question to the Science Shop before June 7, 2020, and the Université de Lyon will help you to find answers.

Depending on the topic and scope of the study required, your question will become a topic for an internship or a group project led by a student or a group of students, with support from professors and researchers. These studies are coordinated by the Science Shop, which selects the team of scientists who will work on each topic, follow-up on the progress of the project and fund grants for internships.

The Science Shop has supported a number of projects in the past, including studying the impact of a program against social isolation in Lyon, a plan to manage invasive plants in the lower Ain valley, analyzing the care pathway of people with “dys-” conditions, and the study of the correlation between the length of volunteer efforts and the reasons behind it.

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The Science Shop team is continuing its efforts during lockdown

During the lockdown period, the Science Shop team will continue to assist SSE actors or organizations who would like to learn more about the support provided by the Université de Lyon and how they can help them respond to the call for projects.

The Science Shop is an opportunity for citizens to meet with academics in order to establish new knowledge and to develop participatory research that provides concrete solutions to issues of public interest.

For further information, please consult the downloadable call for projects and application form opposite.