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Coronavirus won’t be spread by me!

On The March 16, 2020

The weather is nice, you are no longer at university, and for most of you, you think you will not be exposed to serious risks if you get coronavirus-Covid 19.

Coronavirus won’t be spread by me!

Right now, like everyone else, you are probably getting a lot of information about the coronavirus outbreak. However, it’s important to note that through your ability to think rationally, your personal culture and perspective, you can have a major influence on the behavior of people around you. You have the power to help change the dynamics of this disease that could cause a high mortality rate in our country in the coming weeks.

To help you convince those around you to change their behavior, LabEx ECOFECT has provided you with cutting edge information that is easy to understand and follow.

You too can play a significant role in the future of this epidemic and we need you.

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