Call for applications

Launch of the IADoc@UdL program: funding for 11 doctoral contracts in Artificial Intelligence

On The December 18, 2020

Institut Lumière Matière, © Christian Morel
Institut Lumière Matière, © Christian Morel

The Université de Lyon’s IADoc@UdL project was developed in response to the 2019 call for “Doctoral Contracts in Artificial Intelligence” programs launched by the French National Research Agency (Agence nationale de la recherche – ANR).

The “Doctoral Contracts in Artificial Intelligence” program will be co-funded, with 50% of the funding coming from the ANR and 50% from the Lyon Saint-Étienne site’s institutions. The program will be divided into two campaigns, one in 2021 and the other in 2022, and will enable the launch of 11 doctoral contracts in Artificial Intelligence.

There will be two recruitment campaigns for high-level doctoral students for 2021-2024 and 2022-2025.

Each campaign consits of two phases:


A list of the theses likely to be funded by IADoc@UdL will be drawn up:
  • based on the thesis projects proposed by researchers from the site and that have been approved by the directors of their research units,
  • taking into consideration the scientific strategy objectives of the co-funding institutions and organizations, as well as the potential for inter-institutional cooperation.


The theses that will actually receive funding will be selected from the list according to the quality of the applicants.

The shortlisted thesis projects will be submitted to an open and international call for applications. A hearing panel, established with the support of the doctoral schools concerned, will submit a list of successful applicants to the Université de Lyon (UdL) and the co-funding institutions/organizations for a final decision.

The exact dates will be published at the beginning of 2021.

Planned dates (as a rough guide):
  • January 21, 2021: deadline for sending thesis subject proposals, to be approved by the unit directors;
  • February 2021: the co-funding institutions/organizations will provide the UdL with their priority themes and thesis subjects;
  • February/March 2021: The UdL will coordinate the selection of the thesis subjects for the call for applications;
  • March/May 2021: call for applications, applicant eligibility and selection by the hearing panel;
  • May/June 2021: the successful applicants will be announced;
  • September 2021: start of the 2021 campaign theses.