Calls for proposals

Scientific Breakthrough Program: 5 winning projects

On The November 19, 2019

As part of IDEXLYON, five projects were announced as the winners of the Scientific Breakthrough Program call for projects, for amounts of up to 1.2 million euros per project.

Following the success of the first Scientific Breakthrough Program’s (SBP) call for projects, a new call for projects was launched in December 2018. Around thirty projects were submitted for this second program.

The IDEXLYON Academic Group (which includes the Research and Training Vice-Presidents as well as representatives from national research organizations), pre-selected 12 projects, with the help of external expertise, whose representatives were then called before the IDEXLYON Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).
As a result of these interviews, and after having commended all of the proposed projects for their outstanding quality, the SAB drew up a list of five high-priority projects, which was fully approved by the IDEXLYON Project Executive Committee (COMEX) on September 10, 2019.

These five winning projects have each gathered a small number of teams from some fifteen laboratories in the Lyon and Saint-Étienne area. Each project will receive up to 1.2 million euros over a three-year period, in order to support its innovative and ambitious research activities, addressing major scientific and socio-economic challenges.

These projects are co-funded by the involved institutions, and 87% of the funding is provided by IDEXLYON.