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The Université de Lyon’s event celebrating the new academic year: Europe in the spotlight

On The October 15, 2019

The Université de Lyon’s celebration of the new academic year was held on October 15, 2019, in the Université de Lyon’s Grand Amphitheater, based on the theme of Europe.

The Université de Lyon has decided to celebrate Europe for the beginning of the 2019 academic year. Hosted by Jean-Michel Catin, this event was opened by Khaled Bouabdallah, president of the Université de Lyon, who recalled (…) the university’s responsibility to encourage students to move in order to improve their employability.

The first round-table discussion based on higher education and European programs provided an opportunity to discuss the Erasmus+ and Mundus European Masters, ERC scholarships, as well as social challenges.

Rentrée UdL 2019 - Table ronde académique
Rentrée UdL 2019 - Table ronde académique
Participants (from left to right in the photo):

Alain Trémeau, Professor at the Université Jean Monnet Saint-Étienne, and the COSI and 3DMT Master’s program coordinator
Bérangère Redon, historian, archeologist (HiSoMA Laboratory, Maison de l’Orient et de la Méditerranée) and researcher at the CNRS
Sami Jannin, university professor of Magnetic Resonance at the Institute of Analytical Sciences
(ISA – Lyon 1/CNRS/ENS de Lyon)
Christine Delprat, professor of immunology at the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, and the LIVE Master’s degree coordinator
Florence Belaën, Director of Culture, Science and Society at the Université de Lyon
Freddy Bouchet, physics lab researcher at ENS de Lyon.

Next, Erasmus students shared their experiences and vouched for the quality welcome that students receive at the UdL.

To conclude this first segment, Yannick Neuder, Vice-President of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and representative of higher education, research, innovation and European funds, was given the floor.

European Universities


Jacques Comby, President of the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 and Vice-president for the Université de Lyon’s international strategy then introduced the second segment, dedicated to European universities.

A presentation of the ARQUS European University Alliance project by Hélène Courtois, Professor and Vice President of International Relations at the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, was the second highlight of the evening.

Then, Alain Beretz, professor and the European universities Policy Officer for the Prime Minister’s Office gave a speech as the Grand Witness of the proceedings.

Olivier Dugrip, Rector of the Académie de Lyon, President of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Academic Region and Chancellor of the Universities, delivered a closing speech for the Université de Lyon’s event kicking off the academic year.

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