Urban Logistics Meetings – The first session: Urban food resilience: logistics for shorter food circuits

On The November 6, 2020

The Université de Lyon and the Laboratoire Aménagement Économie Transports are organizing the “Urban Logistics Meetings” to be held on November 6, 2020. The event will involve researchers and professionals specializing in issues related to urban freight transportation.

The first session is organized by LinkCity/Bouygues Construction, partner of the event, and will look at how logistics can be used as a tool for developing and improving short food circuits.

This first half-day session will include presentations and a round table discussion involving researchers, local authorities, producers, transport operators and retailers. The aim is to look at the importance of logistics in the food supply system by asking the following questions:

  • How are short food circuit operators organized?
  • What role does last-mile logistics play in meeting the growing demand for short-distance food products?
  • What role do public authorities and private companies play in implementing this type of logistics solution?

To address the issues surrounding short-distance food logistics, participants (attending in person) will be invited to try the new “Caléac” game. This serious game, developed by students from the Université de Lyon, aims to help develop local food self-sufficiency.



Due to current health restrictions, there will only be about twenty spots available (in person).

However, the event will be broadcast live so that you can watch it from home.
Registration is free and is required to take part both in person and online.

Participants should be aware that if they attend this event, they may appear on the video that will be made available on our website.

Register now (for in-person attendance, the last day to register is October 30)