Published on March 20, 2018 | Updated on March 5, 2021

Support for symposiums

Campaign closed

Through the IDEXLYON project, the Université de Lyon is supporting wide-reaching international symposiums held on the Lyon Saint-Étienne university site in order to enhance the site's international outreach by promoting and developing its scientific research.


Supporting international events with a double objective of disseminating scientific knowledge to a wide audience and strengthening the international reputation of the Lyon Saint-Étienne university site and its research units.


To be eligible for IDEXLYON support, the symposiums must be:
  • Scientific in nature;
  • International;
  • Managed by a member of the IDEXLYON consortium;
  • Organized or co-organized by research professors or researchers from the Lyon Saint-Étienne university site;
  • The organization of the symposium must have already been decided by the application's submission date. Therefore, applications for symposiums that are still being planned and whose organization have not yet been decided are not eligible.

Please note: the symposium must open 3 to 18 months after submission of the support application. Since the end of eligibility date for the IDEXLYON project is December 31, 2021, the deadline for submitting applications has been set for October 30, 2021. No file received after this date can be investigated.


Compulsory criteria

To be chosen, the symposiums must meet the following conditions:
  • Be European or world-class with a strong international profile;
  • Be supported by an international scientific committee;
  • Take place on the Lyon Saint Saint-Étienne university site;
  • Be linked to the IDEXYLON themes, LabExes or Convergence Institutes;
  • Have at least 100 participants;
  • Take place over at least two days.

Additional non-compulsory criteria

The following criteria may also be taken into account when awarding the support:
  • Opening - total or partial - of the symposium to the site's undergraduates and PhD students, socio-economic players or the general public to create special events (major public conferences, debates, round tables, business conventions, etc.);
  • The existence of sponsorship by international scientific associations.


The application must contain the following:
  • The "Support for Symposiums" application form, available to download from this page;
  • A program or preliminary program for the event (containing at least the format of the event, the number of invited speakers and their names).
Throughout the year, complete applications must be sent to
Applications will be subject to validation by the EXCOM (IDEXLYON's Executive Committee) on the basis of the IDEXLYON Academic Group's opinion at the request of the IDEXLYON Director.

For more information, please download the thematic school support's document here.



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