A meeting to discuss bibliometrics and scientific integrity

On The July 2, 2019

A “bibliometrics and scientific integrity” meeting is to take place at the QUINET Amphitheater in Lyon 3 on July 2.

The meeting will be co-hosted by Stéphanie Ruphy, a Philosophy of Science Professor at the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 and head of the Université de Lyon's ethics platform, and Sébastian Grauwin, in charge of Ranking and Bibliometric studies for IDEXLYON.

The Université de Lyon's initiatives are in line with national and international strong cultural, political and institutional demands for scientific integrity, research ethics and social responsibility. How can the UdL institutions better adapt to these challenges and expectations by building on what has already been successfully achieved (MOOCs: “Research Ethics”, “Science Shop” and the series of “Science-Society” symposiums)? Stéphanie Ruphy will open this meeting with a presentation of the “Ethics and Scientific Integrity” roadmap in order to address this issue.

Sébastian Grauwin will then present his work in mapping the Lyon Saint-Étienne website’s publications, focusing on identifying laboratory and institutional publications in the various bibliographical databases (Web of Science, Scopus, HAL), the institutional affiliations mentioned, and partnerships (in France, internationally and with the socio-economic world), the areas of research, and other indicators.

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