They make the Université de Lyon: Guillaume Millet

Meet Guillaume Millet, professor at the Université Jean Monnet. Discover his international career and learn about the Fellowships call for projects he was awarded.

© Laurent Carpentier
© Laurent Carpentier

Please introduce yourself in a few words.

I am an exercise physiologist and professor at the Université Jean Monnet, after directing a research group on neuromuscular fatigue at the University of Calgary in Canada for five years. I have authored over 180 scientific publications and five books about physiology and endurance sports training. I am leading the ActiFS Chair (Physical Activity, Fatigue and Health) and I won the IDEXLYON Fellowships* call for projects.

Why did you apply for the Fellowships call for projects?

Thanks to the Fellowships program, I was able to build a research team about fatigue immediately upon my return from Calgary, as this is the number one symptom of many diseases in different populations (workers, athletes and the elderly). I am fortunate to be working in Saint-Étienne, in a very well-equipped environment to explore human movement, and the Fellowships program enables me to fund senior scientific staff (post-docs, research fellows). This internationally renowned program also gives me an opportunity to recruit international researchers and help make Lyon and Saint-Étienne a well-known research site on the global stage in the field of exercise physiology and health.

What research project will the IDEXLYON funding help you develop?

My research aims to gain a better understanding of the physiological, neurophysiological and biomechanical factors that determine fatigue, both in extreme exercise and in disease. My work on acute fatigue in athletes also provides models and a methodological framework to develop clinical research.

My integrative approach aims to gain a better understanding of patients’ chronic fatigue, in collaboration with people working in more fundamental research areas, clinicians in Lyon and Saint-Étienne and researchers in France and abroad.

The IDEXLYON-funded project will primarily target patients with cancer or MS, patients who stayed in the ICU and seniors. The ultimate aim of this research program is to provide customized treatment, especially in terms of the type of recommended physical exercise, to improve patients’ quality of life and decrease health spending.