They make the Université de Lyon: meet the PLicSou organization

Meet the members of the PLicSou organization, whose “1 vs. the Auditorium” project won the Campus Arts call for projects.

How was the PLicSou organization founded? What are its aims?

PLicSou is the organization for veterinary students from the class of 2017-2022 at VetAgro Sup. It aims to organize and manage celebrations for our class.

Tell us about the “1 vs. the Auditorium” project led by your organization.

“1 vs. the Auditorium” is a participatory evening where contestants face off against the audience. It is based on a simple idea: a series of questions is posed both to the contestant and to the audience. Every time a member of the audience gives the wrong answer, they are removed, and if the contestant makes a mistake, the game ends. The winning contestant is the one who knocks out the most audience members. Throughout the evening, student volunteers perform on stage.

What was it about the “1 vs. 100” game show that inspired you for this project?

We were primarily drawn to its participatory aspect. At most events held at the school, the audience is mostly passive. But here, the audience is just as important as the contestants.

As a winner of the Campus Arts call for projects, what would you say are the benefits of taking part in the JACES days? And what support did you receive from the IDEXLYON project?

At first, we had organized the event for the students and staff of our school, but as we discussed the project, we realized that people outside the school were very enthusiastic about it, too, which led us to open it up to outside audiences. Taking part in the JACES days helped us promote “1 vs. the Auditorium”, and it may have inspired other organizations who would like to launch similar projects.
The IDEXLYON primarily provided financial support, which was very helpful in organizing this project, but they also helped us with our communications.