They make the Université de Lyon: meet the Université Jean Monnet's Science Student Office

Meet the science Student Office (BDE) at the Université Jean Monnet, who won the Campus Arts call for projects with the “Concours Cult’” project.

© Laurent Carpentier
© Laurent Carpentier

What role does the Science BDE play within the Université Jean Monnet?

The Science BDE organizes events for all students at the Université Jean Monnet, whether they are members of the organization or not. We also publicize the various events that the university is holding for students.

Tell us more about the “Concours Cult’”

The “Concours Cult’” is a free event, which is open to everyone, although it is primarily aimed at students. It is a great opportunity for cultural and artistic exchanges, during which applicants present their projects to the audience. At the end of the evening, the audience votes for the projects that appealed to them the most. And in the end, since we are aiming for inclusion, so there are no losers. All participants are rewarded!

What would you say is the benefit of bringing all sorts of works together in a single event?

We believe it is important to show diverse projects. This enables everyone to express themselves freely and discover new things. It is an opportunity for personal development that can lead to a career for some.

As winners of the Campus Arts call for projects, what would you say are the benefits of taking part in the JACES days? And what support did you actually receive from the IDEXLYON project?

Taking part in the JACES days helped us promote the contest and gain greater visibility. It also drew in potential applicants for future events.

As for the IDEXLYON, it provided funding. Without this funding, we could never have made the contest free and open to all. This support was valuable, because the contest aims to help make culture and art accessible to all students and all other people who may be interested.